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Node got us javascript on the backend and Tonic got us Node on the browser. This allows us to launch a new browser instance from a node shell which is running on your browser. You can also extrapolate the aforementioned scenario to all sorts of perverse implementations of browsers running in shells running on a browser running in a shell etc…

With Tonic, I see no need to have static Github gists - Tonic is a full node environment that’s far more expressive than a single static image representing mostly color coded text. Your readers will be much more engaged with your code snippets as they can read them, change them and run them till they understand exactly how they work.

Go ahead and get started! You can import any of your favorite npm packages by just typing in require('package_name') and then type in any javascript code.

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Hi! I'm Mark and I'm the founder of a tool that helps game developers and roboticists easily build intelligent agents.

I'm fairly active on Twitter and Github so follow me there!

In my past lives I've worked as a researcher, developer and program manager at Microsoft AI and Researcher, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing and making video games.

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